Multitasking square

The project site is an ideal urban area with 30×30 m dimensions.

The basic concept from which the project has been borned is to realize a space where a series of simple elements, more or less freely combining between them, starts to give birth  to a Multitasking square configurable and adaptable to the needs of the moment.

The first step consists to sub-divide the space into 36 square modules (4,5 x 4,5 m) in which 32 “pieces” and 4 “voids” will combine each others as a sort of a big “15 game”. All around this grid a band 1.5 m width will serve as a path-connecting element for the square.

Next to this first  system, defined by the movable plates and configurable from time to time, is proposed a second “light” one, that it  will could be changed several times during the day by the square users.

A polyurethane pillow 12 cm high has been inserted on each of the 36 modules that will transform the voids left by the movable plates in playgrounds. The shape of these elements is driven by the needs of movement of the overlying plates system. These plates are installed on carriages moved by skates steel. The first 18, concrete covered,  will form the flat surfaces of our space, on which it will be possible to play sports or leisure activities. For example, these elements could configure a basket  or volleyball playground, bowls track or a dance floor.

The second plates series is the one that offers a higher complexity level. Each of these nine elements is subdivided into 30 modules with a side of 90 cm that could have the possibility to be lift 40 cm up on two sides. In this way, they will offer several possibilities: they could be chair, coffee table, chase longue, skaters’ track,  benches for street market etc. The last five plates will be covered by a turf offering a relax zone that in its being neutral and artificial it is configured such a connection element between the multitasking square spaces.

This system gives to the project space a real time adaptability level to the needs of users. It is composed by elements that  are configured as artificial plug-in trees, 3 meters high, that in addiction to provide shelter, they contain a LED lighting system, advertising signages and solar panels that provide to the elements power supply.

Partita IVA 01723690853 | Codice Fiscale FCRLVI78B11F065Z | Iscrizione alla Camera di Commercio di Caltanissetta REA 93832 del 26/04/2005