Shop-ing-motion - Image 04

SIM  is an object two times complex.

Minimal-functional trade module, extendible and summable, strongly characterized and recognizable, easily transportable, lightweight, comfortable and technological.

SIM can be used in its smallest configurations as an area not accessible on the inside by the public (info-box, exhibition space, etc.) while in its largest configurations it could be considered as a real space open to the public (shop, reception area etc.)

Just to reply to these several and articulate needs SIM is configures as a technologic complex object-mechanism.

The object could assume, according to the needs of the moment, different configurations. In that one transport defined, it presents itself such an egg-mine with small dimensions (L1 x h x L2 = 180x140x160 cm) mounted on a carriage for road transport.

For the use field, we can say that SIM is or a sui generis building element designed to be integrated to big buildings with a large turnout (for example, shopping centers and airports), while maintaining its functional and formal autonomy or a travelling pavilion designed to be placed outdoor and to be powered by solar energy.

In its largest configuration, that it is reached through a series of mechanical and hydraulic movements, the three dimensions become 320x300x potentially-infinite (reachable through modular 15 cm extensions extendible to 180 cm length).

The two other SIM fundamental characteristics are the capacity to contain on its transportable configuration, all the parts that are necessaries for its assemblage and also, the possibility to be managed, assembled and dismantled, quickly, by two not specialized operators.

The project also deals to the eco-efficiency theme under two fundamental aspects for its realization and its operation, or rather: a LED lighting system study ( powered by photovoltaic panels of 2/10 mm thickness placed on the curtain) that reduces energy consumption by more the 80% and the project materials choise.

Just to its nature complexity, SIM needs of particular elements both for an image question both because its components must be:

  1. lightweight and little bulky;
  2. able to high performances in a minimum thickness
  3. shapes mouldable.

Despite these specific requires the materials that have been selected to be applied to the project are largely recyclable. However it is possible to say that in this way the designed object is ephemeral because all of its components won’t pollute the environment but they will be reused.

Partita IVA 01723690853 | Codice Fiscale FCRLVI78B11F065Z | Iscrizione alla Camera di Commercio di Caltanissetta REA 93832 del 26/04/2005