VAAg house

VAAg house

Located on the 12th floor of a building built in the ’60s, VAAg house has a beautiful view on old Agrigento city center, the Temples Valley (UNESCO world heritage and the Mediterranean Sea stretch of coastline chosen by ancient Greeks as a background for the city of Akragas.

The flat footprint has a narrow shape (approx. 24x6m) that enlarges only in the area next to the main façade.

The owners wanted the living area in this part of the apartment and the bedrooms on the narrower side.

The relationship with the landscape and its bright colours, together with the squeezing and stretching forces crossing this stretched space with a blind side more than 24m long, are the elements that give life to this project of transformation of an out of date apartment into a contemporary dwelling.

The core of the project is a millwork joining the spaces together visually, programmatically and materially. The millwork transforms the constraint of the shape of the flat in an opportunity to create a unique and luxury item that, even with its simplicity, is able to transform an ordinary item into the focus of the project. Colour, rhythm, squeezing and stretching forces, work together creating a full height item that thins out going through the living area, where its absence rings out as the echo of the project modularity.

Every single design, technical or decorative element of this project lives in relationship with the core of the project. The blue lacquered millwork with its centripetal force makes the space as a cathode tube that, lighting with panorama reflections and echoes, generates an “internal landscape” that relatess to the external one synthesizing and embracing it.

Partita IVA 01723690853 | Codice Fiscale FCRLVI78B11F065Z | Iscrizione alla Camera di Commercio di Caltanissetta REA 93832 del 26/04/2005