The project for this chapel, sited in the Mazzarino’s cemetery, is a place of elemental lucubration, whose interpretation is based on the simplicity of the shapes and the value of the materials. The target of this architecture clearly is to recreate condition of introspection and recollection. The complexity of the theme is in contrast with the simplicity of the language and of shape, with the reassuring regularity of the linear geometry that show the essence and the spirituality of the space. This expressive linearity is gently emphasized by the purity of the materials, simples but precious, combined in a harmonius and non conflictual way. The main facade made in sandblaster perlatino in interrupted only by the metallic profile and the entrance door. The north and south fronts are plastered with clear finish, matched with the colour of the stone user on the longitudinal facade.

The entrance door, in perforated metal and set back from the front alignment, lead directly to the center of the chapel where the user is welcomed from a geometric and sometimes stern space, in wich the view is scanned by the tombstone escape lines and from the falling volumes of the coffered ceiling, ending in the large south glass window, where find place, behind a large maple cross, a secondary access.

This glass window is the main direct light source, and the stage of the liturgy, becouse of the proximity of the altar for the sacred functions.

Partita IVA 01723690853 | Codice Fiscale FCRLVI78B11F065Z | Iscrizione alla Camera di Commercio di Caltanissetta REA 93832 del 26/04/2005